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Thank you for choosing our service!

Please read the Agreement, which governs the use of the web service. Starting to work with, you acknowledge the fact that they agree to fulfill the stipulated conditions of this agreement. If you disagree with them, please do not use the web service.

1. Subject of the Agreement

This Agreement governs the relationship between a web service and all of its users, as well as relations web service users to each other. Web Service Administration reserves the right to make changes to the agreement without prior notice. The latest version of the Agreement is always available on this page.

2. Terminology

Web Service – a system of different tools such as programmatic and hardware, which are united under a single domain name (hereinafter «Macoin») to ensure that the respective tasks of the system. Macoin system task – organization of interaction the user’s web service.

User – nat. person (over 18 years) or legal. person passed under the provisions of this Agreement register on the site.

Account – needed to access the user’s personal information page, namely the login (user name in the system in the form of an email address) and password to access.

3. The order of the Web Service service

3.1. Web service staff: right
3.1.1. A user may be denied the provision of services offered by the Service. At the same time staff are not obliged to explain the reason for the refusal. Such withdrawal is carried out if: User violates this Agreement or the rules web service; User does not fulfill its financial obligations, both in relation to the web service, and in relation to other users; Other web service users have a claim to this user, and can attest to their documents; Web service personnel doubts on whether the user uses the system of appointment; The user attempts to harm a web service; User refuses to comply with the requirements of staff and does not respond to them; Action show disrespect to the web service, a web service personnel, other system users.
3.1.2. Web service staff can adjust any of the information pages of the site, without explaining the reasons for the removal or correction of information, or the circumstances that led to the failure in the placement information.
3.1.3. Web service staff has the right to demand documents from any user to identify his personality. In addition, a web service personnel can prompt the user for additional information about it in the following cases: Have the assumptions that the user acts contrary to the law, this Agreement or the Rules of the web service; Other cases in which may require additional proof of identity of the user.
3.1.4. Web service staff has the right to prevent the site, updating hardware and software, depending on the web service needs to suspend its work.
3.1.5. If requests Macoin web service comes with a proxy server is anonymous, web-service staff does not serve such requests.

3.2. Members: Acting
During registration on a web service, the user agrees with the adoption of the following obligations:
3.2.1. Having a single user account;
3.2.2. Transfer web service only reliable data about themselves, to report a change of data, keep track of their relevance;
3.2.3. Strictly observe the rules web service;
3.2.4. Do not use the resource for the purpose of going counter to the current legislation;
3.2.5. Do not initiate illegal actions using the web service;
3.2.6. Maintain the confidentiality of information, access to your account.

4. Payments

4.1. All services are web services, other than those specified separately, are free. Paid services are ordered by the user. User is obliged to pre-acquainted with the Fees and placed on a web service in the relevant section.
4.2. The sums paid by the User for the Web Service service, non-refundable, except as required by law. All costs that may be associated with the refund procedure shall be paid by the User.
4.3. All services rendered by a web service are public, that is provided on the basis of a public agreement, a legally binding and backed by law.

5. Information and Privacy Protection Guarantee

Macoin – a computer network, which has the right to block or prevent in any other way to send emails from one user to another in order to ensure the safety of the web service and its users, and to prevent acts contrary to the terms of this Agreement. Web Service reserves the right to terminate or suspend a Member of the Service.

5.1 Macoin observes full confidentiality with regards to data users of services provided by the web service. This paragraph does not apply to special cases stipulated by the legislation.
5.2 All actions performed by users through web services directly, without fail logged. In case of violation of the User Agreement stipulated conditions, Macoin reserves the right to use the available data to protect other users of the service and web service that it provides.
5.3 To be effective and provide quality services, Web service
We need some data relating to Members. For example, information about your computer and activities within the system are transmitted to the web service automatically. Other data web service prompts the user for their own. Information, including the contents of the messages to the user, may be disclosed in a few cases:
5.3.1 To meet the requirements of the legislation, at the request of judicial authorities or requests for admission, is not contrary to the law;
5.3.2 To protect the property and rights of the Web service, its customers or to enforce the terms of the Agreement concluded between the parties;
5.3.3 If necessary, ensure safety of users, employees, web service, or a third party.

6. Disclaimer collateral

The service is provided in the form in which it exists. Web Service can not guarantee the timeliness and accuracy of any information it was. By this Agreement the User accepts the fact that the telecommunication systems and computer equipment are not fail-proof, so there may be disruptions and downtime. Macoin disclaims any responsibility for disruption and insecurity in work, timeliness and erroneous information, as well as the loss of some data.

7. The mutual responsibility of the parties

7.1 Employees of the Web service are excluded from liability for:
7.1.1. Illegal actions of users of the service;
7.1.2. The veracity of the information and the accuracy of materials posted by Users;
7.1.3. Loss of profits and / or damages users and / or third parties as a result of using a web service, or inability to use the service as such;
7.1.4. The quality of services provided by service users.

7.2 Responsibility of the User apply to:
7.2.1. Privacy and security of information, which is used when accessing a personal account;
7.2.2. Timeliness and quality of performance of obligations, undertaken in the framework of this Agreement;
7.2.3. Actions that can be carried out within the framework of web services directly on behalf of the User.

8. Terms and conditions of termination or change its conditions

Authorized employees web service have the right to unilaterally make the necessary changes to this Agreement and existing applications: rules or tariffs. Such modifications or amendments shall enter into force from the moment of their publication on the relevant page of the web service, provided that the validity period is not specified separately. Using the Web Service service after you make additions or changes to the terms of the Agreement or the application will automatically designate their unconditional acceptance by the User. Authorized service employees have the right to terminate the Agreement with a specific User unilaterally if his personal account has not been used for 12 or more consecutive months.

9 Applications

Applications are integral parts of this Agreement, which are always available to date on the links: Rules, How does the ordering system Macoin.