Terms of Web Service «Macoin»

This document sets out the basic rules of using web service. All users must adhere to the established rules when placing information on the web service.

1. Basic rules of posting information and data on the web site service.

1.1. In the event of any violation of the User Administration the right to apply such sanctions:
1.1.1. User warning;
1.1.2. lock the account;
1.1.3. complete removal of the User’s data from the site.

1.2. In some cases, the information posted on the site, can be removed by employees web service without notice to User. This is possible in the following situations:
1.2.1. placement of information prohibited or contrary to the laws of the State
1.2.2. if the information is contained on the website, it sets out wrong, with numerous grammatical and semantic errors;
1.2.3. duplicate information (for example, the re-addition of the company);
1.2.4. placement of information about the services or products that are illegal;
1.2.5. when placing text typed sparse script (with p r o b l e m a s) or using certain words written in capital letters (except for common abbreviations);
1.2.6. when placing information or data that is not related to the directions of «Macoin» web service;
1.2.7. accommodation information, which is a violation of copyright or other rights of third parties;
1.2.8. information that may be regarded as abusive, obscene, introducing in the deceit or misleading;
1.2.9. publication of confidential, sensitive, proprietary information, or obtained by illegal means;
1.2.10. any information about the methods of earnings in the Internet;
1.2.11. Information obscene or pornographic content;
1.2.12. It contains viruses, malware, spam, including links to other websites.

2. Number of accounts on the web service

2.1. The user has the right to register in their own name, only one account
2.2. In the case of the use of additional accounts, the administration has the right to block or delete all user accounts without subsequent recovery.