Wheel Alignment Service




Are you looking for an auto alignment service shop Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, that you can trust? How about a wheel alignment service shop that will beat any local price? Welcome to Last Chance a local alignment expert. One of our many specialties happens to be alignment services.

• Pot Holes

• Automotive Accidents

• Hitting Curbs (Curb Check)

• Normal Wear And Tear (Aged Parts)

What happens when you dont fix your alignment issue?

• Safety Issues

• Uneven Tire Wear

• Poor Fuel Economy

• Premature Wear Of Parts

At Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks we perform wheel alignments on everything from regular cars to limos to single-axle trailers, regardless of your automobile, whether its foreign or domestic. Do you want to ruin your tires? We use a computerized alignment machine preloaded with every vehicle’s alignment specifications. The above issues may mean you need our alignment services.

Wheel alignment shop in Plainfield, IL Last Chance is here for all your alignment needs. Why do you need an alignment? What does an alignment consist of you wonder?

Camber What is camber you ask? Camber angle alters the handling qualities of your suspension. Camber is an angle between the vertical axis of the wheels. When the camber is off it causes the tire to ride on the outside edge and lose grip rather than being flat on the road. If the camber is out of adjustment, it will cause premature tire wear on one side of the tire.

Caster What is caster? Caster angle is angular displacement from the vertical axis of the suspension. It is important to ensure that the caster is the same on both sides of the car to avoid the tendency to pull to one side. Caster is adjusted to achieve the self centering action of steering, which affects a vehicles straight line stability. Caster has little or no effect on tires.

Toe What is toe? Toe adjustment is what keeps your steering wheel centered. Toe measurement is the difference in the distance between the front of the tires and the back of the tires. Toe is always adjustable in production automobiles. The vehicles toe is the most critical alignment settings relative to tire wear. Toe, is known as tracking to some.


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