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Choose from many quality automotive tire brands and services from the team youve come to trust over at Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks. What kind of tires do you like, prefer and why? What is your tire budget? How can we help you?

Are you due for some tires? Do you need some tires you have mounted and balanced? Is your tire leaking air because of a nail or screw now you need your tire plugged and or patched?

Wheel Balance  A balanced wheel has equal weight and shape throughout, making it completely concentric. A balanced wheel does not vibrate. Wheel balancing is a procedure that ensures that weight of the wheel is distributed evenly to improve performance and wear.

Tire Patch Or Plug  Tire patches are more expensive labor plus part wise. Plugs are cheaper all the way around. Both work but patches hold better in the long run. The tire industry has standards for repairing tires. A string plug is not proper for tire repairs. A proper repair must also have an inside patch or use an integral plug/patch unit. You cannot do a proper repair without demounting the tire from the wheel.

Tire Rotation  Tire rotations can be beneficial in several ways. Tire rotation or rotating tires is the practice of moving automotive wheels and tires from one position on the vehicle, to another, to ensure even tire wear, best fuel economy and the longevity of your purchase. Many tire mileage warranties require tire rotation to keep the warranty valid.

Tire Repair  Visit Last Chance Auto Repair for flat tire repair, replacement and any other tire services you may need. From off road vehicle tires to everyday passenger automobile tire applications. Were here for all your automotive tire needs.

Emergency Roadside Assistance Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL

Flat-Tire Change  Do you have a flat-tire? Are you looking for someone to come help you put your spare tire on? Did you lose the wheel lock socket and now cant change your tire? Dont worry, were here for you. Call us now, were on our way.

Are you wondering what tire brands Last Chance Auto Repair offers to Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, plus beyond? To make a long story short, you name it, we have you covered. When it comes to any of your domestic or foreign vehicle tire service needs were  here for you. Call today to schedule an appointment for your next tire service.

At Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL, we serve our customers tires a-z. What brand of tires are you looking for? Our tire selections include but are never limited to the following.

• Michelin • Good Year • Continental • Bridgestone • Pirelli • Uniroyal • Dunlop • General • Firestone • Dayton • BF Goodrich • Riken • Cooper • Mickey Thompson • Fuzion • Hankook • Nitto • Kumho • Titan • Yokohama • Toyo • Continental • Spector • Republic • Dyna Trac • Gillette • Etc


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