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Are you looking for an auto repair shop that offers a pre-purchase, warranty, trip/vacation, going to school/college, vehicle inspection service for Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL, or any surrounding South West suburbs? We have you covered!

Vehicle Inspections A-Z

• Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

• Used Car Vehicle Inspection

• Vehicle Warranty Inspection

• Trip/Vacation Vehicle Inspection

• School/College Vehicle Inspection

• Transmission Inspection

• Domestic & Foreign

• Engine Inspection

• Brake Inspection

Are you thinking about buying a new car? Have you had your eye on a used vehicle?

Last Chance Auto Repair offers a pre-purchase vehicle inspection that will help make sure your investment lasts. Our pre-purchase vehicle inspection will provide you with a list of any issues we may find, along with an estimate for the repairs. Which in return you can bring this list to the seller. 1) You may get the vehicle cheaper. 2) They may fix some and or all the issues free of charge. 3) Youll get a better bang for your buck.

Most dealerships and or private party sellers these days will allow you to take a vehicle to be checked out by your mechanic pre-purchase. If the place you may be buying the vehicle from does not allow you to get a pre-purchase vehicle inspection, its probably because of a known issue and it may not be a good idea to purchase the vehicle.

Worse comes to worse and you really like the vehicle, ask the seller of the vehicle if they can meet you at our auto repair shop in Plainfield, IL, so we could check it out. If scheduled in advance, youll be able to wait while we do this. Make sure to schedule ahead of time the pre-purchase inspection service to make sure we have a bay saved for you.

Dont get slammed with an unexpected costly repair. Like preventative maintenance let our team at Last Chance Auto Repair prevent any issues by letting us check your vehicle out before you buy it. Call our team now, later, 24-7, or even send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment. In the local area? Feel free to stop by, our team is always here for you.

Is your vehicles warranty about to end? Have a manufacturer or after market warranty expiring? Help us, help you, save you some money.

Take advantage of it while you still have a chance. Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL, offers a warranty vehicle inspection service that includes a complete vehicle inspection that in return will give you a list of items covered under your warranty so that you can have it repaired or serviced before your warranty expires.

Do you have something going on that is not covered under your warranty? Dont worry, our team has you covered, domestic & foreign vehicles A-Z. We have over 150+ combined years of experience, education & training, repair & service knowledge under our belts to offer. Take that mix it with our BBB A+ quality, superior customer service, and our low-price guarantee. You get the #1 choice auto repair shop in the Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, IL, area!

Reasons To Choose Last Chance Auto Repair!

• Our team has access to the same technical service bulletins plus recall information as the dealerships and as always will be given to you free of any charges.

• You can count on the dealership to not remind you to check out your vehicle before your warranty expires. Our team will help you get the most out of your warranty.

• The dealer will not warn you about known problems and or issues that could cost you thousands of dollars if not fixed before your warranty expires.

If youre coming towards the end of your manufacturers vehicle warranty, call Plainfields one and only Last Chance Auto Repair today to schedule your warranty vehicle inspection service before its to late. Our team has you covered. Were always here for you!

Are you going on a little road trip? Are you going to travel the country and take a vacation? Are you or one of your children going to college? Is your vehicle up for the journey?

Unexpected vehicle problems are never fun and usually include a mood changing, stressful, I had some money in my pocket but where did it go headache. Dont take any chances. Do you want to make sure your vehicle is ready to roll? Plainfields Last Chance Auto Repair is always here for you. How can we help you? Call our team now, later, 24-7!


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