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Nelson Mandela, The Rainbow Nation, Wildlife, Culture and wide open spaces. South Africa has a reputation for controversy and has had a long battle with race issues but it has come out the other side and today, it is one of the most attractive holiday destinations and an excellent option for anybody considering moving overseas from Japan or from anywhere in the world.

Shipping from Japan to South Africa

Are you moving from Japan to South Africa? For shipping personal effects from Japan to South Africa, services are available by sea and air. Furthermore the charges are relatively reasonable despite the long distance between South Africa and Japan. South Africa is one of the farthest countries in the world from Japan, yet as a shipping destination it is a popular country. Service by air is available to the international airports of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, East London and Port Elizabeth and by sea service is available to Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. If you are relocating from Japan to South Africa, contact us for a competitive quotation. Our shipping rates to South Africa are unbeatable whether shipping by sea or air and are based on a fair pricing system.

Moving to South Africa successfully

Whatever the conviction of a person might be the reality is that South Africa is a vast country with a dozen large metropolitan cities as well as vast rural areas of which a large portion is used for agriculture and mining operations. From Cape Town on the south point of Africa to the borders with Zimbabwe is a distance of approximately 2000 km and likewise from Springbok in the west of South African to the eastern coast is likewise a very large distance and within this borders there are infinite opportunities for any entrepreneur.

Things to consider for people moving to South Africa

Many people moving to South Africa from Japan or elsewhere in the world can become thoroughly confused by the many things which they encounter and that is why it may be helpful to do intensive research before you move out of Japan. There are an incredible amount of online sources that deal specifically with settling down in sunny South Africa. In order to be able to make a living within this country it will be helpful to open a local bank account as soon as you move here and it will also be necessary to get a residence permit and any person settling down will be in need of finding adequate accommodation for them and their families and they will also need to find employment. Internationals who moving here will quickly see that they have many options when it comes to opening a bank account in South Africa since there are ABSA, South Africa’s largest bank which Is part of the Barclays Group International and which may therefore be the number one choice for many expat people.

Finding a place to move in

Probably the most important challenges that are facing people moving to South Africa is to decide where exactly within South Africa they would like to move to and stay. Like we already said, this is a very large country with several large cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Germiston and Bloemfontein and each of these have their own attractions and culture. The areas north of Pretoria especially in the regions of Warmbad and Nylstroom are known as Bushveld because of the typical thorn bushes found in this area. The coastal regions of South Africa are extremely popular including the cities of Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town. In between these cities there are other very popular coastal destinations such as Richards’s bay, Margate, Amanzimtoti, Port Edward and also Port Shepstone which are very popular among international tourists as well as a residents in South Africa. For immigrants with some kind of chronic illness or other health problems they can rest assured that South Africa has excellent hospitals as well as highly qualified physicians that could assist a person with any problem which they may have.

A Dangerous Country

Most often if you hear somebody talk about how dangerous is a part of Africa or in particular South Africa, it is likely they have never visited it themselves. It’s true that there have been much social and political issues over the years but in general, these are issues which have been mostly emphasised or exaggerated unfairly by the media. It must also be pointed out that most of the trouble you hear about through media has taken place in very isolated pockets.

If you speak to someone who has actually been there, you will hear firstly of how friendly the local people are and then how beautiful the country is. Secondly, you will come to understand how hard the locals and people of South Africa have worked to overcome political, economical and cultural problems.

As with anywhere else around the world you may move to or travel to, caution and common sense are required in a city after dark. Otherwise, you can expect a safe journey and a very memorable time.


The attractions are endless in almost every part of South Africa. Near Johannesburg there are many famous National parks to visit while to the South, you can take boat trips along the coastal towns or partake in great activities such as surfing, kayaking and the highest commercial bungee jump in the world which is located on the Bloukrans Bridge. South Africa is also home to the “Garden Route” which is a famous driving route through wine regions, whale watching towns and spectacular hiking trails. Whatever you are most interested in, it’s likely that South Africa will keep you entertained

Wildlife & National Parks

South Africa is one of the most visited Countries in the world for people wanting to see wildlife. It is home to many famous National Parks such a Kruger and Addo National parks. You can take guided tours to see Lions, cheetah, elephants and hyena’s in their natural habitat while learning about the eco systems that contribute to the parks appearance. If you are moving to the country from Japan, you will definitely have to visit many of those attractions while you are there.

Cape Town

It’s worth mentioning that Cape Town is one of the most fascinating and stunningly beautiful cities on the planet. Photographs cannot do justice to the sight of Cape Town from the top of Table mountain which towers over the “Mother city”. It consists of many different types of architecture which make up both the African and European influences that have contributed to the make-up of the landscape over the years. You can easily reach Robben Island which was where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned or go cage diving with Great White sharks, if you are brave enough. Cape Town is very much an artist city with many downtown neighbourhoods which have art galleries and exhibitions but you can also find these on the street.

Flights from Japan to South Africa

There is no direct flight from Japan to South Africa, which makes it a long journey even when you travel by airplane. South African Airways fly between Hong Kong and South Africa and this would be the best route for travellers to the country or people moving to or moving back to South Africa.

We are quite experienced with shipments from Japan to South Africa. Whether you are shipping by sea or air, contact us and see how we can help your move from Japan to this wonderful nation.


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