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• Is your vehicle suffering from a suspension problem?

• Do your struts and shocks need replacing?

• Do you need your ball joints replaced?

• Is your suspension control arm bent?

• Looking to install a suspension lift?

• Are your tires wearing funny?

Do you have a suspension related question? Your vehicles suspension system isnt only important for safety reasons but also to enhance your comfort while riding. Many improvements in automotive suspension systems over the years has increased strength plus durability of suspension components. Advances in suspension design plus construction have made large contributions to riding comfort, safety plus driving control in recent years.


Your vehicles suspension is meant to maximize friction between your tires & road surface. Which provides you with steering stability, which equals good handling, safety & added fuel economy. Have any suspension questions? Call Last Chance Auto Repair today!

Last Chance Auto Repair Plainfield, IL, is the #1 local suspension shop for a reason. Those reasons include the latest suspension tools, equipment & technological knowledge which gives us the ability to service suspensions on most domestic & foreign vehicles. Mix that with our superior customer service, low cost quality guarantee, and there is no competition.

You brake it, well fix it, domestic & foreign suspensions A-Z, but dont break it, maintain it at Plainfields Last Chance Auto Repair.

We service domestic vehicle suspensions including: Buick, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Pontiac, Cadillac, Hummer, Saturn, Corvette to say the least. We also service foreign vehicle suspensions including: Honda, Acura, Toyota, Infinity, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Saab, Volvo, Land Rover, Porsche, Lexus, Scion, Mazda, Mini Cooper, Mitsubishi, KIA, Suzuki, VW aka Volkswagen to name a few. Whichever ones we forgot, we have your suspension needs covered A-Z.

Is your suspension sagging, rattling, leaking, shaking, due to a failure, accident, or lack of maintenance? Do you need some more performance out of your suspension? These are reasons why people bring there vehicles to us hence the local suspension expert. How can we help you? Want to schedule an appointment? Call now, later, 24-7!


Suspension Related Parts

 Shocks Do you notice your cars ride is a bit bouncy? Then you may be in need of new shocks. Shocks allow vehicles to absorb or isolate road shock, energy, impulses or shocks from entering your passenger compartment. Driving with bad shocks is not a safe, so try to avoid it whenever possible. Have a question about your shocks? Call us.

Struts  Car struts, like shock absorbers, support and stabilize a vehicles frame and body. Almost identical to the purpose of the shocks above but designed a little bit different. The average life of a strut before they start deteriorating is roughly 50,000 miles. Worn suspension struts may diminish the stability and therefore safety of your vehicle and which will also reduce driving control.

Ball Joints -Ball joints are spherical bearings that connect the control arms to the steering knuckles. When a ball joint is bad enough it will produce a clunk (noise, feel) from the front end when ever u hit a bump. A ball joint consists of a bearing, stud and socket enclosed in a case. Cant forget the grease, acting as a secondary absorber plus friction reducer which is critical.

Sway Bar Your vehicles sway bar, anti-roll bar, stabilizer bar, is a part of an automobile suspension that helps reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities or imperfections. They are also sometimes called anti-sway bars or anti-roll bars. A sway bar links the right side and left side of your car, acting as a torsional spring to resist body roll and keep your tires planted during launches.

Stabilizer Link Also known as a sway bar end link. Is your vehicle clunking when your car hits a bump, might be your sway bar end link is broke. Typically your sway bar end link is what connects your sway bar to your lower control arm. Sometimes your sway bar end link bushings go bad before your actual links break. Bushings come in rubber plus polyurethane.

Tie Rod Your vehicles tie rods are part of your steering system. Its typically the part that connects your steering gear or rack to your steering knuckle otherwise known as your steering spindle. Typically as they go bad youll hear a little knocking sound coming from your front end. And or you may even feel a little slop in your steering wheel when turning from side to side.


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