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Over at Last Chance Auto Repair For Cars Trucks in Plainfield, IL we want you to know the importance of your cooling system. How it plays a critical role in the operation of your vehicle by transferring heat from your engine to the air around your vehicle. Otherwise your engine would overheat plus many of the moving parts could seize together.

Is your vehicle overheating?

You been leaking antifreeze or coolant?

Your automobile run hotter than it use to?

You dont see a leak but its going somewhere?

Need your radiator replaced? Radiator cap leaking? Need your water pump replaced?

Does your coolant thermostat need to be replaced? Did your radiator fan quit working?

Your engine runs optimally within a certain temperature range plus your cooling system needs to keep the engine within that range. That is where knowing proper cooling system maintenance helps save you money in the long run. The primary components in a vehicle cooling system are a radiator, thermostat & housing, water pump, cooling fan, radiator hoses plus heater hoses. Secondly but just as important heater tank, reservoir, radiator cap, plus heater core. Always check your coolant level periodically and safely!

We offer highly trained technicians with all the A.S.E. trained knowledge. We can service and repair any part of your vehicles cooling system including the following.

• Hoses

• Radiator

• Water pump

• Thermostat

• Heater core

• Water pump

• Pressure testing

• Coolant flush & fill

• Gaskets & leak repairs

• Sensors & sending units

• Electric & mechanical fans


You ever seen the inside of an aluminum engine water pump that was not adequately protected by the corrosion inhibitors in the coolant? Or a radiator or heater core that failed from the inside out because of internal corrosion? These kinds of auto part failures are all too common. Yet they can be easily prevented by using the “right” coolant and changing the coolant before trouble starts to heat up. As they say follow the maintenance schedule. Doing something early is better than on time or late. We dont think your auto requires a fashionably late maintenance.

Coolant The main purpose of auto coolant is to carry heat to the radiator, prevent freezing and protect against internal corrosion. There are three types of auto coolant. Ethylene Glycol is your conventional green formulation, Dexcool red orange is an oat based antifreeze, Hybrid Oat known as Hoat or G-05 antifreeze. Hybrid Oat coolants add a small dose of silicates to provide added protection for aluminum. All coolants require maintenance changing also know as a flush. Coolants get changed out at 5 years or 100,000 to 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.


Water Pump The water pump plays a major role in your automobiles cooling system. It causes your water (coolant) to circulate, which in hand cools any components that require a cooling process. Most water pumps are mounted on your engine and are driven by a fan belt, alternator belt or overhead cam timing belt. Hence the importance of changing your belts according to your maintenance schedule. Most automobile water pump failures are usually caused by a bearing failure on the pump shaft accompanied by a water leak.

Your car consists of a heater core and blower motor. Without both working properly, your car will not produce any hot air that your body so craves on those cold days. Good news is heater cores are fairly cheap. Bad news is, its a long grueling job that usually consists of a good amount of labor.

A heater core is typically located inside the car on the passenger side compartment, underneath the dashboard. Hence the reason a heater core replacement service is so expensive. If the heater core becomes plugged or if it starts leaking, the coolant will not be able to flow through it. In that case, the heater will not work. We are the low price king when it comes to quality heater core replacement in our Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL area.


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