KAV Imports

KAV Imports
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KAV Imports was Established in 2010, located in New Jersey, one of the biggest plastic shopping bags manufacturers and wholesales in United States. We offering a wide range of plastic shopping bags which is widely used for various purposes. The plastic shopping bags is available in top quality and in a variety of shapes, sizes patterns, designs and colors. These plastic shopping bags serve as the perfect business gift for your clients and employees; they help towards a positive reflection of your company. These plastic shopping bags, printed with the company’s custom message and logo, serve as a “silent representative” of the industry.

KAV Imports specialises in manufacturing and Wholesaling premium quality range of plastic shopping bags. Plastic shopping bags are utilized by almost everyone all over the globe. Basic purchases like groceries and even some clothing boutiques would use plastic bags for people who make purchases. The use of plastic is prevalent because of the ease it provides for manufacturers in making it. However, the overall effect of this material on the environment is devastating.

Being a non-biodegradable material, plastic is considered to be one of the most environmentally harmful items man has developed, and this factor is considered because of plastic’s longevity. While it can lead to different uses due to its durability and versatility, there has been an effort in stopping the use of plastic which is why plastic shopping bags have already been banned in some places around the world.These bags are attractive, bright and strong. But most critical it’s in ideal equilibrium with environment. Give us your styles and designs so that we can convert them into nature friendly.

New Jersey
North Bergen
51st Street, Building #5, Second Floor
Suite: 1435
Zip Code: 7047
Sales market: USA, Italy, France, Germany, England, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Romania
Contact person: Jay Patel
Position: CEO
Phone: (914) 703-2250
Phone: (914) 703-2250

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