White Hat SEO services


Available services:

  • SEO Google (USA, Europe, Ukraine, Russia) – only white methods authorized by the search engine
  • SEO and Usability Audits

Benefits of working with me:

  • knowledge of search engine algorithms
  • manual work with donor sites
  • continuous monitoring of donor sites
  • no spam
  • no risk to fall under sanctions search engines
  • make quality landing page designs and conversion routes
Supplier: artgo.pro


Benefits of SEO promotion

  • seo traffic converts well, because the user assumes that the results of the issuance is not the result of advertising competition, but the best results from the best search engine
  • most of this traffic is cheaper than traffic from contextual advertising

Disadvantages of SEO promotion

  • seo promotion may not be convenient for seasonal products / services, as you can not suspend the promotion of off-season, i.e. payment continues even at the end of the season
  • required internal website optimization, which requires extra effort and possible costs

Internet marketing
A key advantage of online marketing is targeting, which allows you to select only the target customers, user can see what is needed when it is needed. This approach to advertising is the most popular, efficient and saves your money.

The average time-to queries in the top 10:

  • low frequency 1 – 2 months
  • medium frequency 3 – 4 months
  • high frequency of 5 – 6 months

I give monthly reports: Traffic and positions.
I\\\\\\\’m working on an advance payment of 100% for 1 month of service.


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