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Last Chance Auto Repair in Plainfield, IL  offers custom, high performance, plus all original steel & aluminum driveshafts, drive shaft repair, rebuild, restoration. Including domestic plus foreign vehicles from a-z driveshaft & rear end rebuild kits, differential, heavy duty front end, yoke, balancing, parts, vibration diagnostic. Not forgetting all your favorites including, 44, 4wd, off road, racing, 1 ton, 18 wheeler, dump truck, show cars to heavy duty trucks. When it comes to driveshaft services we have you covered. Questions? Call now.

When it comes to drive shaft problems, there are various symptoms that indicate your vehicles driveshaft health. Such as vibration, sounds, turning issues, plus play in your universal joints. Do you think that your driveshaft is suffering from one of these symptoms?

Bring it by our shop, will check it out.


At Last Chance Auto Repair we strive to repair, rebuild, service driveshafts at affordable prices using state of the art equipment. Having a driveshaft issue? Give us a call.

Sound Sometimes driveshaft issues cause vehicles to produce noises. In some cases a low squeaking sound that intensifies with an increases in speed. The sound may completely disappear when traveling at higher speeds and reappear as the vehicle decelerates. This is often the result of a severely damaged U-joint, a part connected to the driveshaft.

Vibration When a driveshaft is damaged it may cause the vehicle to vibrate. Sometimes the entire vehicle or parts of it, especially in the floor area. Often the vibration intensifies and worsens at increased speeds. Severe vibrations can also indicate other problems, vibrations from tire problems usually happen during acceleration, whereas driveshaft problems cause vibrations when the vehicle is moving or stationary. Regardless, if your vehicle is vibrating get it checked out.

Turning Issue  A driveshaft problem can prevent your vehicles wheels form turning properly in some cases. You may notice that the wheels hesitate when turning a corner. You may notice a resistance from the tires when making sharp turns or even U-turns. You may even notice problems while parking. Bring it by, will test drive it for free.

Universal Joint Play  A U-joint also know as a universal joint, that moves too much or does not rotate properly can indicate a driveshaft problem. Also can cause all three of the previous issues. U-joints in most cases are replaceable. Typically the #1 issue in driveshaft failure.

We use top quality components made in the USA unless otherwise specified. We offer high strength OE Original Equipment replacement or even custom built to specification driveshafts.

• Light plus Heavy Duty Driveshafts

• Agricultural Driveshafts New and Rebuilt

• Industrial Driveshafts New and Rebuilt

• Custom Driveshafts New and Rebuilt

• Custom Aluminum Driveshafts

• Custom Race Car Driveshafts

• Foreign Vehicle Driveshafts

• Domestic Driveshafts

• New and Rebuilt

What kind of vehicle are you building? Maybe a hot rod? Or a race car? What about a rock crawler? A mud truck slash grocery getter maybe? A classic restoration project in your garage? Maybe even your shortening or lengthening your vehicles frame? Whether youre installing a Ford 9 Rear end to a Chevrolet Turbo 400 transmission, or even if you need a shaft to fit in your lifted 4 wheel drive monster? Last Chance Auto Repair has you covered.

• Offering Spicer, ArvinMeritor (Rockwell), Neapco plus PTI, Aluminium, Steel, Custom Built

• Dynamic Balancing of Driveshafts

• Complete Parts Department


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