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Do you need your catalytic converter(s) replaced in, near, or around our Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, area? Our team has all your auto service & repair needs covered A-Z including catalytic converter replacement. Call today to schedule an appointment!


What does a Catalytic Converter job cost you wonder? Well, if  your catalytic converter isnt covered under some kind of warranty a repair, service, and or replacement can get very costly. To make sure your getting the most life out of your catalytic converter you should follow a few simple steps. Which most importantly includes keeping up on the maintenance as stated by your vehicles manufacturer, hence preventative maintenance.

• Your check engine light turns on for a reason. When your check engine light is on it typically means that something is not operating properly. Should the check engine light start flashing, that is an indicator that something is malfunctioning that could potentially cause damage to your costly catalytic converter. Did you know that if your check engine light is on, our team (Last Chance Auto Repair) will check it out for free?

• Preventative maintenance is done for a reason. An engine that is running properly will help make sure you get the most out of your catalytic converter. They dont call it preventative maintenance for nothing. Do you have any questions about your maintenance schedule? Our team at Last Chance Auto Repair is always here for you. Stop by will explain to you (or print out) what you may need and or be due for to help ensure that your catalytic converter lives a long healthy life. Questions? Were always here for you.


Are you having catalytic converter problems Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL, or any surrounding Chicago South West Suburbs? One of Last Chance Auto Repairs many specialties just so happens to be catalytic converter services. Questions?

So are you wondering what typically kills a catalytic converter? Here is a little check list you should go over to make sure that you dont kill your converter.

• Lack of properly tuning up your vehicle. • Fuel getting into your exhaust system.

• Oil or antifreeze entering exhaust. • Faulty spark plugs & or ignition cables.

• Oxygen sensor not functioning properly. • Faulty exhaust components.

What Is A Catalytic Converter?

catalytic converter is an important part of your cars emission control or catalyst exhaust system. Catalytic converter repair happens to be one of our many services we specialize in. Did you fail your emissions test due to a bad catalytic converter?

Hot exhaust gases exit your engine then head through your exhaust system to your catalytic converter. Inside this expanded tube is a massive network or ceramic honeycomb. This ceramic checkpoint has been coated with compounds that react with the exhaust to eliminate certain harmful emissions. A catalytic converter works by using heat, combined with catalyzing agents, to create a chemical process that changes hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) into carbon dioxide and water. One of the most common causes in emission test failures is a failed catalytic converter. P0420 & P0430 sound familiar?

A catalytic converter cat is a device used to convert toxic exhaust emission gases from an internal auto combustion engine into non-toxic substances. The catalytic converter is a key component to helping protect the environment from green house gases.

The catalyst inside the converter itself most often consists of a combination of precious metals. Hence the price of the proper part on your bill. You must always be careful of the cheap universal where in 9 out of 10 cases does not consist of the proper catalyst precious metal content. Do you know how much it costs to replace a catalytic converter? Were here for all of your catalytic converter needs. Give our team at Last Chance Auto Repair a call if you have any questions and or to schedule your catalytic converter service.

Types Of Catalytic Converters

Two Way Converter A two-way catalytic converter has 2 major functions, convert carbon monoxide by oxidising it into carbon dioxide, while oxidising unburnt hydrocarbons (unburnt & partially burnt fuel) into carbon dioxide & water, which is known as a combustion reaction. The two-way converter is commonly found on diesel engines but cant control nitrogen oxides, hence make way for the three-way catalytic converter.

Three Way Converter A three-way catalytic converter has three important functions, like a two-way it oxidises carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide then also oxidises unburnt hydrocarbons into carbon dioxide and water hence which are more environmentally friendly. Now it also addresses the problem of nitrogen oxides, and reduces the nitrogen oxides to nitrogen and oxygen. To much nitrogen oxide problem solved.

Three Way Converter + Air  A three-way + air catalytic converter performs the same functions as a three-way converter but has secondary air pumped into the middle of the converter between two separate catalyst coated ceramic substrates. The addition of air improves the oxidation capabilities of the converter performance.


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