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Are you in need of an auto battery replacement in or around Plainfield, Naperville, Bolingbrook, IL? Are you looking for someone to change your battery that you can trust plus afford? At school they taught us to change your battery every four years as preventative maintenance.

• Did you leave your headlights on?

• Do you have to jump start your vehicle everyday?

• Having an electrical issue that keeps discharging your battery?

• Looking for a repair shop to change your battery you can trust & afford?

Last Chance Auto Repair is your local auto battery expert that is here for you. Who wants there vehicle to not start when you have somewhere to be? Were here to make sure your vehicle starts on time every time. Stop by today for a free battery inspection.


Is it time to change your vehicles battery? At Last Chance Auto Repair we stock a wide selection of car truck batteries to fit every make model of automobile. We offer some of the most competitive prices around. Visit us today to have your battery and electrical system tested for free before you decide to just replace your battery. How may we help?

An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to your vehicle. Your battery is the heart of your vehicles electrical system. Without it electricity would not flow through the system properly. It is good practice to keep your battery terminals clean and free of corrosion. It helps keep your electrical system healthy.

Did you leave your lights on? Will come out and jump your battery. Most vehicles these days usually come with a 12-volt battery that consists of six cells filled with an electrolyte concoction. Electrolyte solution is about 35% sulfuric acid 65% water. It causes a chemical reaction that releases electrons, allowing them to flow to produce electricity for your vehicle.

There are many brands of automotive batteries. We do offer most brands of batteries. What brand of battery will make you and your vehicle happy? Lead acid battery, sealed, absorbed glass mat, shallow cycle, deep cycle, lithium ion battery, when it comes to auto batteries we have you covered. Last Chance is here to make sure your vehicle starts.

Are you having car battery problems? Is it time for a new battery or maybe you just need a jump start? A good way to prevent problems is with a little preventative maintenance. Every battery has a certain life expectancy. Hence by replacing the battery before that life expectancy is due to expire is your best bet. At school they taught us to change your battery every four years as preventative maintenance. Need a new battery? Were here for you!

Reasons You May Need A Battery Replacement Service

• Have you changed your battery within the last 4 years?

• Is your vehicle experiencing a low battery fluid (electrolyte) level?

• Are your vehicle’s battery terminals corroding abnormally?

• Did your battery freeze due to low air temperatures?

• Is your vehicle taking longer than normal to start (slow engine crank)?

• Does your battery look like it’s swelling or bloated (due to the temperatures)?

Reasons You May Need A Jump Start Service

• Did you leave your head lights, interior lights, radio on a little to long?

• Did you leave your keys in the ignition overnight in the on position?

• Having an electrical problem that keeps discharging your battery?

• Were you using the a/c or heat when the car wasn’t running?

• Are you hearing the infamous click, click, click, click?

• Did you not start your car for a long period of time?

• Lacking on the battery maintenance (not keeping terminals clean)?

Bad or poorly functioning automotive alternator.

(Stop by, will check your alternator free!)

Broken external connections due to corrosion.

(Stop by, will take a look at it for free!)

Broken plates due to vibration and corrosion.

(Stop by, will check your battery free!)

Low electrolyte acid level.

(Stop by, will check it!)


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