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Hello and welcome to my business! I created my business around 08 / 06. I am not licensed or certified or anything like that, , , I am just looking to get something that I have built myself type business up and going. I have already estacblished myself as a seller in years past in the ecommerce industry and I am looking for some major expansion. I am 100% legit and I am here to help for newer people who are looking for some help as to which suppliers can really expand their businesses the way that they want! ! I would love to expand worldwide and hook as many people up as possible! I have unbeatable prices on many of my goods and I have customer service that will always keep you satisfied and coming back for more! I am mainly wholesale, , I am looking to do big orders, samples are always welcome and although I am looking to work wholesale, I always accept those one timers who are must looking for a great deal! I was once in that position myself and I am more than happy to accomodate in any ways necessary! Usually there are no moq’s but this must be determinted before any order is made. I will accept any and all payment methods I have acess to! We will definitely be able to work something out. I am very sorry there is still no website but I am having some big troubles so I wouldn’t mind looking for some cheap help or a trade of somekind, , , a product for your services? I dont know, , , anyways. . . . I can get real designer handbags, , , , only one brand name but it is the most popular and the first name is the first name of one of the most notorious kings of france (back in the day) ! ! Let me know if you are still having trouble but I can’t come right out and say it for copyright and trademark reasons. For these designer bags, , , I also offer an authentication discount which means that I will pay up to $15 for any of my customers to use any online or offline authentication they choose for the highest customer satisfaction possible! I want you to keep coming back for as long as possible! And, , , with an authenticators proof of unauthenticity, I can accept refunds! ! ! Thanks for your understanding! I also can dropship both the bags and the electronic orders! ! ! ! ! Please let me know if I can give you anymore detailed information and im sorry again about the whole website issue and I hope I can get it resolved shortly!
Please note that I am the only contact person! ! ! ! My name is Bruce! ! ! Please also beware of all the scams that are lurking, even suppliers that are gold members can still be scammers! Dont let it happen to you! Protect yourself in any way possible! I have no customers as of yet, , , but when I do, , I would love to give references to prove that I am truly worthy! Even though I am not a paying member, , , I am the most legit supplier around that you can find, , , at truly amazing prices in the USA! ! ! ! ! Trust USA all the way! ! Please let me prove it to you! I am very flexible and I look to service my customers for years to come! Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon! ! ! ! !

United States
7213 S. Mason Ave.
Mr. Bruce Young

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